Your Daily News Summary @ 9 pm

In my post dated October 25, 2015 ( I talked about the idea of push notification in a news app. Should the app be chatty and send notifications every hour? Should the app provide personalized schedule of notifications that the user can control?

We came to the conclusion that a better option may be to offer a summary of the day notification say at 9 pm that provides the top 30-50 news stories of the day and a chance to browse, preview and read in detail. Here is what I wrote in October – “Consumers are caught in their daily grinds and are juggling a barrage of work, personal and social messages. But all consumers want to be aware of their world, the news that matters to them. What better than to send them a capsule of the top news of the day and provide a quick way to catch up on the BIG news with the means to research any specific story in as much depth as possible. After all this is what the 9 pm TV news is all about – top stories of the day; 1 min, 60 stories; headlines of the day are all about giving you the top news as curated by the editorial team in a quick 5-minute recap and then debate the top 3 issues over next 1 hour.”

We set ourselves a 1 week target for this feature. However, when we started building this we realized that there was a major point of contention between the core feature of the app, ie the BIG news NOW and this new feature “summary of the day @ 9pm”. How do we integrate two major ideas into a single product? Some folks on the team argued that we should drop the hourly BIG news feature and simply concentrate on the “Summary @9″feature. They went so far as to suggest even renaming the app!

The others argued that users want to be able to check the BIG news at any given time AND ALSO see the summary news @9. So we must offer both options. But how to do this? What would be the most predictable way to accomplish this? We have struggled with many ideas, different layouts, different themes, different colors etc.

Our solution? Use the notification handler and the time of day to change the application layout for the “special” Summary @9 feature. So when you get the app, you will notice that at 9pm the app suddenly, visibly morphs to a new layout – the Summary layout. We want to tell you, the user that the summary of the day is important and in fact so important that we are ready to change the app layout at 9 pm. From 9 pm to 11 pm, the app follows the summary layout.

If you miss the summary notification and/or miss the summary time-window, you can ask the app the show you the previous day’s summary. So, there is an automatic summary view and also an on-demand summary view. We want to ensure that you never the miss the day’s summary from 9pm on the same day till 9 pm the next day.

Check out the screen shots of the “Summary @9” and do try the updated app. You will get a notification at 9pm with the top story for the day and count of other summary stories. Slide the notification and the app will open in the summary view. Open the app directly and the app will morph the view to the summary view. Missed the summary-window? Tap on the summary icon and the summary view with last day’s summary news will be shown. Read the summary stories, check out the related stories and gorge on the detailed stories. All of the in-depth reading is maintained.


Do try the app and the “News of the Day Summary”.

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