A Greeting Card With Your Own Pictures

100s of cards are sent weekly thru our personalized card designer app “ThotOfU” across 40 countries. Many users have asked for the ability to use one of “their own” pictures in the cards in addition to the image gallery we provide.

We think this is a great idea. Imagine sending a birthday card to a friend which has you and him in a nice setting. The pictures brings happy memories of time spent together and brightens someone on their special day. Or a picture of a vacation used in an anniversary card – if a picture tells a tale, clearly there is power in using your own pictures to make custom cards.

Where do people store their images? Many of us, like me have 1000s of pictures on our phone, cloud storage services such as Dropbox, iCloud, Google Driver and picture sharing sites such as Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Wouldn’t it be great to offer a way for people to brose their picture libraries via the app, pick the picture they like and use that picture in the card?

We are delighted to announce the latest update to ThotOfU – the ability to pick your own pictures from your device and/or the cloud storage and/or the picture sharing sites for a small convenience fee (paid via IAP credits). Just download the latest app, pick the template you want, choose the source of your pictures (you must have IAP credits to do so), pick your picture and watch it appear in your card, type your caption/message and send the card via WhatsApp, Facebook or even email.


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