Getting Going!

Its been four weeks since I had this domain  /blog setup with no posting – its been rankling me (enough to get my BP up a couple of notches) and I have been wanting to overcome the startup inertia but *fear of rejection* and *fear of poor quality* have been helping drag my feet; freeze the mind and lock the everyone else, one wants the start to be auspicious and *big bang* and it has taken me some time to realize that it is important to start rather than wait for a “rocket science” idea..

The inspiration behind the blog was simple – I have lived most of my 25 years in technology following the innovation agenda. As a young graduate from IIT, building the next generation technology and solving the challenges that others could not solve were the guiding philosophical pillars on which to build a professional career. The purpose of life was to use your education, talent, passion to build stuff that would impact millions and in the process make a name, fame etc etc. With such glorious goals, one can imagine that the journey of the past 25 years will have been interesting, challenging, stressful, fun, of learning, full of ideas, littered with failures and an occasional success here and there but the candle inside has continued to burn for innovation; the passion has not subsided; the compass still points to the day-after and the mind years to do the next-big-thing..

So I wanted to blog about my journey, my ideas, my ventures, my experiences, my insights, my commentary and my world of innovative ideas, fascination and respect for people, organizations and processes that inspire me with the hope that it may inspire the reader to catch the virus and create a desire to change the world around them. And who knows, if the virus can be made contagious, maybe an army will do better than what I am doing by myself.

To give you an anecdotal story, one of my experiences has been at Adobe, one of the most innovative technology companies for the past 20 years or more but with a downward innovation index over the past decade. When some of my ideas around innovation and risk taking were shot down, I rebelled and named my laptop “anveshan” – it was my personal alcove to remind myself that while my job was to run and manage a team working with a 15+ year code-base, my heart was someplace in the unknown future..sounds  silly but it worked for me J. Now you also know why this blog is named as it is..

So, hopefully, you will not only see thoughts about  technology (video, mobile, digital content, information sciences etc) but also entrepreneurship, management and leadership which have been of interest to me and my sports (football, cricket) and my learning from life in general. Stay tuned.

– Arvind

Ps – written on a Sony VAIO named “Aavishkaar” – what else did you expect !


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5 thoughts on “Getting Going!”

  1. All the best to Avishkar!
    I hope it will re kindle the thought of being innovative & rebellious in all of us. Hope to get lot more insights and learning from your journey so far.

  2. Blogging like jogging does not get you anywhere, but keeps you healthy. Congrats for beginning.

  3. I always wanted you to do something like this..It was long are a prolific writer,a great thinker and a visionary..i am sure its going to be a enlightening experience for all
    of us..may be a book down the years..Good luck.

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