Missing Since August!

For those of you who follow my blog and are wondering why the long silence since my last post of 31st July, my apologies. I have been busy getting all of the ideas covered in this blog into working products. In the last 3 months we have:

* Released our app “inNews” with the smart summary technology, 7-day history, 360-deg media (all related articles, pictures, videos) and forced folks in the news / tech domain to sit up and notice our tech prowress

* Released update of “Filmi Filmy”, our hindi film song app with all songs shown in hindi script, voice search in hindi and an attractive IAP to buy credits for voice search

* Released update of our app “ThotOfU” with ability to pick user’s own image from the device or cloud storage account (Flickr, dropbox, facebook, instagram etc). So now you can design a card using your own memories and bring smiles to your friends.

* Helped release two new service aggregation apps – a wedding services aggregator and a party services aggregator

* Re-position the Pariksha website to reflect our new identity – a leading publisher of Indian content apps and consulting services in app development, web technologies and marteching (marketing + technology). Check out www.parikshalabs.com to see our new identity.

Now that the engineering for the apps is mostly done, there will be time to look at the next set of technology / user experience features to maintain our R&D lead. I continue to believe that in the online / digital space, small but highly useful increments in technology / user experience can create large shifts in user adoption. If you have ideas for our apps, do send them our way.

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