Week-end Musing: Why Do Indian Music Apps Show Hindi Film Songs in English Text?

Have you wondered why all the great hindi film music on computers, mobile use English (phonetic) to present song titles ? Whether it is YouTube or Gaana or Spotify or any other service, it is common to see English script being used for hindi film songs.

As Gabbar would say, “बहुत बेइंसाफी है”. At Pariksha Labs, we think it is time we fixed this. It is time India adopted Hindi more widely on its computers and mobile. It is time Indian people moved to more natural language on computers and mobiles. Its time we included the non-english speakers, a large majority into the circle. Its time we #DesignedForIndia.

Stay tuned for some big news next week from our music app ‘Filmi Filmy”. क्यों, बात पसंद आई ?

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