What’s the BIG News Now?

How do we know about big stories? In the age of newspapers, we assumed that the front-page headlines were big stories (and trusted the judgement of the editorial team). In the age of TV news, we assume that the stories featured in the 9 pm debates are the top stories for the day. When we look a breaking news thru the day on TV, we assume it must be a big news item to make it to breaking news. In the internet age, we glanced at our favorite news web sites and saw the top headlines and assumed they were the big stories. But as social media, blogs and news portals have proliferated, we observed that different portals and channels prioritize different stories as their top stories – based on their judgement, bias and sometimes interest.

So how does find out what the top news of the moment is?

Our approach is algorithmic. We look at the volume of articles that are written on a theme across a wide range of sources. We co-relate related keywords into a thematic framework and determine which themes are getting popular. The top story is usually the one with the max number of interest, ie – individual sources reporting on that story.

This is the basis of our News Reader app – inNews. It uses sophisticated algorithms to track, process and analyze thousands of news feeds to simplify the top news for you. Open the app and Bingo – the top news of the hour is in front of you, with all of the related stories from all the sources so you can read as much as you like. Flip thru the top stories and in a quick 2 minute scan, you can see all the top 10-20 stories of the moment.


Or you can read thru 20 sites, and/or apps and do the heavy lifting yourself. Did I hear you say “Nah, that would be stupid in the age of mobile consumer with limited time?” We agree 🙂

So What are you waiting for? Grab the app and check it out yourself. The Play Store APK is live (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.plabs.apps.innews&hl=en ). The App Store link should be up in a week.


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  1. Just noticed that BuzzFeed has a news app which is positioned as “a way to get a “quick catch up” of the latest news, with the app’s start screen showing a bullet list of the most important news of the day.”

    Sounds like with inNews we are on the right track!

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