Why “Audio” search makes so much sense for a music app

Our app “Filmi Filmy” provides users with a fast and simple way to view their favorite Hindi film songs. We have observed that YouTube has a big collection of Hindi film song clips but the lack of phonetic search and presence of multiple clips with same title intimidate users. “Filmi FIlmy” provides a friendly Hindi phonetic search so that we can find the songs you want irrespective of how the titles are spelled. Also, since we only pick up a single entry for any song, the user is assured of getting the right song clip without having to sift through multiple of choices. The value of “Filmi Filmy” can be seen in the use-case metrics – over 6.5 minutes per session engagement and over 40% repeat users from all the “Indian diaspora” hot-spots on the globe bear testimony.

At Pariksha we are constantly asking ourselves – how can we use technologies and make it easier for the users to do what they want to do. How can we make it faster, more accurate and more user-friendly. For now, our thoughts are locked in on “voice search”. The popularity of SIRI and voice input on android platform point to increased user convenience especially when used in a limited context.

Since all of the song titles are entered in English but represent Hindi words phonetically eg: “O mere dil ke chain”, “Gata rahe mera dil” we think that we can use a voice to speech engine to take user inputs, turn them into phonetic English and use the English text as the search keys. The user will get the feel that the app is searching for the songs basis his/her voice. Our look-ahead mechanism will show users all the songs matching the phonetic tokens and in the case of any default, the user can type out the search pattern directly.

Imagine slumping in a car after a long day and with no energy to type to search, all you have to do is say the song and voila the app will play it on your phone, ear-phone or connected blue-tooth speaker. You can drive hands-free! Imagine being able to do this at home and flick the video to your large TV (thru the chrome-cast interface) – ultimate song viewing for the aficionado.

With this in mind, we are starting an initiative to integrate “Filmi Filmy” with the best speech to text technology. Watch this space for an exciting new innovation that you will enjoy, appreciate and other music apps will emulate 🙂




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