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I love Hindi film songs. We have all grown up with Hindi film songs. Their glorious music, great lyrics and our popular film stars in their respective moods have had deep impact on many a generation of Indians. From your first love to your first heart-break; from fun with friends to solace in isolation; from family functions to social occasions, Hindi films have songs for everything under the sun.

My love affair with Hindi film songs started via radio and was fanned by TV – the very popular “Chitrahaar” show was a family favourite in many households. Like many of you, I instinctively memorized many songs and used to enjoy the popular song-chain game “Antakshari”. I even won a prize or two competing at college and school level.

Having been a tech-guy into film music, I had a big collection of MP3 songs, was one of the first users of iPod (thanks to my job with a US company) and an early adopter of streaming music apps. However, I always wondered why we could not have Hindi film videos on the phones – why only audio playback. The charm for me always lay in the video clips, coz what better way to relate to the emotions in the song than with your favorite actor bring it to life!

Having worked in the tech field, I was one of the early users of internet, wi-fi and YouTube. It always disappointed me as far as watching Hindi songs went. If you try to find a song in YouTube, it throws up tens of similar entries with same title from multiple sources. Some are bad quality, some are personal renditions and some are plain SPAM hiding behind a popular title to draw some traffic. Finding the right video can take more time than one has patience for.

A secondary problem is that Hindi songs are spelled phonetically using English language. Hindi words can be spelled differently by different people and the user is left wondering which spelling would get you the right response. As an example, try searching for “pyaar” in your YouTube application and watch how all songs with “pyar” are missing from the search. When the song collection is over 50,000 entries this can become frustrating as well.

And of course YouTube is the largest repository of videos in the world. There is so much content that it is distracting.

What I needed was a tool that would have a) ONLY Hindi film songs b) have a fast and efficient phonetic search mechanism that found all songs irrespective of how I spelled them and c) showed me the film clip in a single click. In short, I wanted a solution custom made for Hindi film songs that I could use when I was at leisure – in transit, at a hotel, on holiday and late evening so I could enjoy my Hindi film videos the way I wanted to.

So we built “Filmi Filmy”, our app for Hindi film song video playback. This app uses data from YouTube and a powerful phonetic search engine with a custom video player to cut out all the noise and get you the song clip directly. We also added a playlist module so you could choose songs based on film, singer, mood, themes and gorge on songs the way you love them. You could even become a curator, create a playlist, save it and share it with a friend – sending him/her your own Chitrahaar theme. And of course, since this was video playback, it made sense to integrate the app with Google Chromecast so you could flick the display to your large TV and enjoy the video with family/friends.

So here is what you can do with “FIlmi Filmy”:

You can browse, search songs, play videos and enjoy! You can also create playlists based on period, mood, singer, actor, film and store them in your cloud account. Just login and see all your favorite playlists from any device. Share your playlists with your friends and family – send your feelings across with music videos! After all, each Hindi song says something in glorious poetry.

* Search for a song by film name, year, singer, title
* Select up to 10 songs in a playlist
* Buy storage space and store playlists on cloud
* Share your playlists with your loved ones
* Access playlists from any device
* Share what you play on Facebook and Twitter
* Invite friends to use the app

Want to try the app? Download and check it out yourself  iTunes

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