Why Mobile News Must Break Away From Source->Category->Story Format


Mobile users exhibit an entirely new way of consuming news stories, different from printed newspapers and even web-based news portals. Mobile users glance at their devices multiple times a day; they need to know the BIG, trending, breaking news and quickly see all the stories related to this news on the mobile device. They want the option to read detailed stories but only if there is significant interest. They are looking to share big, breaking news with their social and professional networks quickly to establish their own social brands.

Meeting this need requires a new way to present mobile news. The existing apps, both single brand news readers and/or news aggregator apps simply convert the printed/web style news to mobile instead of recognizing this fundamental difference for the mobile user. The result is that users must use multiple apps, visit multiple feeds and go thru multiple stories to identify the top stories and understand all points of view on the story. Even aggregator apps present news in the old catalog style: source->category->story. The user has to do all the hard work of browsing, move between many screens and takes a good amount of time to get a sense of what is truly trending.

In an age where computing is cheap, storage is cheaper and text processing is advanced, it makes no sense to follow old models for news presentation. News presentation must change and exploit the technological capabilities.

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